SEI LASER designs and manufactures integrated solutions based on laser technology: industrial laser systems, OEM laser systems, converting solutions, backlight solutions, for the cutting and the marking of each type of material.


The sensitivity to market needs, the excellent expertise of SEI Laser R&D Department, the excellent engineering skills and industrialization, the wide range of product satisfy the needs of the customers. There is also a wide range of services such as technical and economic feasibility studies, process consulting, Hardware and Software development, installation, commissioning and site testing, training of the contractor’s staff, start–up production, diagnosis of machines and after sales service.


■ Small sized systems featuring cutting edge technology providing flexible operation with high performances and safety.


■ The Dragon structure is composed of a coated electro welded metal sheet mono-block.


■ Performances: up to 2000mm/s speed with 2 g acceleration.


■ X-y motorized axes with micro-brushless motors and belt transmission


■ Manually adjustable cutting head with interchangeable focal unit and nozzle.



Advanced innovative technology, flexible use, high performance with safety features (models 1215 1520 1530 and 2030 available in class 1 or class 4, model 2530 available only in class 4).


Mercury can be configured with a range of fixed work tables, lifting front table, dual tables for loading/unloading or with conveyors for processing roll materials.


Specially designed mechanical structure with X,Y axis movement, high performing linear motors, position controlled by linear optic encoders.


High-performing flexible laser systems specially designed to meet today’s industrial requirements as well as the professional user’s.


Materials such as: PMMA, acetates, ABS, plastics micanite, wood, leather, paper, cardboard, textiles, glass and marble marking (except PVC and polycarbonates) can be processed.




NRGL: systems features fixed tables with mobile beam and x-y-z cartesian axes.


modular structure in electro-welded steel with coated guards in metal sheets.


High dynamic performances x axis moved by 04 tW brushless motors, y axis moved by 1 TW brushless motor (interpolated) digital control.


Cutting head with motorized z axis; additional circuit for compressed air assist to aid cutting and/or marking.


Work table with aluminum grid and pre-arrangement for suction.


”icaro” software (Cam) stamps and bas reliefs are also possible via a raster mode with 0-255 gray scales.



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